areas of expertise

Corporate customers

Our law office provides full legal support and coverage to each corporate client on the daily business activity (foundation, legal cover corporate bodies, commercial cooperation agreements, e-commerce, labor issues, etc.), on representing the company before the competent courts and authorities and on the recovery of claims

Private clients

We demonstrate dedication to the needs of each individual client, and offer our support to them on the litigation field as well as on the consulting level, in all areas of law . Having years of experience in handling civil, criminal, labor, commercial and administrative law , our law office provides services to individuals in the areas of Labour Law, Social Security Law, Family Law, Property Law, Insurance Law (Life Insurance , Traffic Accidents), Administrative Law and the Criminal law.


We believe in the institution and the value of mediation. For this reason we provide accredited mediation services.

Mediation is a process which two or more parties , who have a civil or commercial dispute, voluntarily address to, either before commencing any judicial proceeding or after a litigation has been initiated and, indeed, at any stage of the litigation. Mediation is the quest for a mutually acceptable solution through a mutually acceptable procedure that takes place on a neutral setting and in the presence and with the assistance of another independent and impartial person, the mediator. It is a process of short duration. It is, therefore, preferable not only because it is faster and less expensive than court proceedings, but, mainly, because it allows to preserve human relationships. Mediation is completely confidential. The mediator does not decide what is fair or right, is neither judge nor arbitrator. The mediator’s purpose is to facilitate negotiations between the parties so that the parties can reach a mutually acceptable solution.